How does Mobile Midwife EHR differ from other EHRs for Midwives?
Less Liability
Since Mobile Midwife EHR is an iPad/iPhone/Mac app with a cloud, your data is always with you AND always backed up to a secure cloud location. Therefore, it works even without an internet connection. Not having your client's lab results, medications, allergies, etc. with you at ALL times can be a real liability and danger for mom and baby. If you are at a home birth or hospital transfer where there is no internet access, or you are at a birth center and there is a brown out or internet outage, Mobile Midwife EHR works just the same.

Mobile Midwife is not a web-site. It is an actual app that runs on your device and all your data is on your device as well. That means you can quickly tap through the application with almost immediate response time. A web-based EHR has to communicate with a web-server, likely hundreds of miles away, every time you click a button. WiFi or Internet outages will not slow you down with Mobile Midwife!

More Stable
Virtually no medical professionals rely on an EHR that is dependent on something as unstable as the internet. The internet can go down because of radio interference, local power outages, power outages anywhere between your city and the city the web servers run, routine maintenance by your ISP, maintenance or unexpected hardware failures on the web servers, weather, acts of terrorism and so much more. It's just a matter of time when a situation presents itself where there is no internet access and a life or death need for your patients' records.

Fully Customizable
Mobile Midwife is the only EHR in this industry that allows you to Add/Remove/Change any field anywhere in the client record. There are many differences in the ways midwives want to capture information in a prenatal or what information they want clients to fill out in the client portal. We make that easy with our Customize Forms feature.

Mobile Midwife is the only EHR in this industry that has an instant messaging feature capable of replacing text messages. The Chat tab lets you send messages to your clients and they can respond via text or through the Chat tab in the client portal. The conversation is recorded under their chart. If your client attempts to send you a message during your night time hours they will be asked if it's urgent when they press Send.

Lab Ordering
Mobile Midwife is the only EHR in this industry that has Lab ordering capability fully integrated for Quest and Labcorp.

Our competitors are 50% more expensive. All our plans have unlimited users. Our pricing is based on active clients. Our users find that on average they would spend 50% more if they were with a different EHR in this space.

More Secure
Mobile Midwife is more secure then web-based solutions. At Mobile EHR Inc we have built and host many websites for many companies. We know firsthand that nearly 50% of all web traffic is from hackers trying to break into websites to get YOUR identity information. They have very sophisticated automated password crackers that attempt to guess your passwords day and night. Exposing your information to the internet allows billions of people on the planet to potentially steal your data. There are countless viruses that spread to millions of computers every day that track every key you press on your keyboard to capture your passwords. We can go on and on about the security issues with both the PC and the internet but you probably get the picture by now. There has never been one single virus on an iPad. That means no hacker is catching your keys or reading your cookies or taking screenshots of your computer. No hacker can break into your web-account, because you don't have one! If a hacker were to steal your iPad, you can log into and erase all of the data on your iPad with a click of a button. You definitely can't do that with a laptop!

In the case of a transport or co-managed care, is there a way to fax my chart to the doctor or hospital?
You can print, fax, or email any client record by pressing the action button located in the upper right corner of every screen in Mobile Midwife EHR. A form will appear that will allow you to select which areas of the client record you want to be exported. For instance, you can choose to send just labs, a specific prenatal, the entire labor flow or just a birth summary. The best way to fax a client record is to sign up with any electronic faxing service such as Ring Central, eFax, and our recommended favorite Hello Fax. It works by simply using the Email feature in Mobile Midwife to email the client record to [faxnumber] HelloFax will then email a confirmation when the fax successfully sent or if there was an error.

Is there a scheduling calendar?
Yes we have a built-in calendar and have and appointment reminder service. Please watch our tutorial in the HOW-TO section.

Does it matter which iPad or iPhone I have/purchase?
Mobile Midwife EHR will work on any iPad device. The basic WiFi-Only iPad on Apple's website is only $329 and is lightening fast and has more space than you will ever need. The iPad Pro 12.9" is the best iPad Apple offers, but is only marginally better than the basic iPad and costs twice as much. Mobile Midwife also works on iPhones, from the iPhone 6s up to the current iPhone. It is custom designed to make best use of all the available screen space on each device. This makes for an amazing experience so you can chart efficiently at a labor if you forget your iPad or Mac. If you are at a restaurant or shopping and you get a text from a client, no problem! Even if you have a weak data connection you can instantly pull up any chart because all your records are stored securely on your iPhone and in the Mobile Midwife cloud.

Will there ever be a version available for the PC or Android tablets?
Being an iPad app enables Mobile Midwife to be a paperless solution with built-in scanning and document signing. It is also what enables our app to be fully functional even when no WiFi is available which can be very important during a home birth or hospital transfer. A tablet is also much more transparent then a laptop during a prenatal visit or labor. It’s also always with you and very portable. Our tablet based graphical interface enables you to chart entire prenatal visits without typing a single word. By taking advantage of touch gestures, multi-selection and touch screen controls Mobile Midwife captures nearly every bit of information in an intuitive manner that is almost transparent so you can focus on your client instead of a mouse, keyboard and computer screen. While we could enable functionality in our existing web-based client portal to provide total access to your Mobile Midwife client records, this is not safe. To have hundreds of client records with private health information, birth dates, address, phone numbers and social security numbers all behind a single user name and password is a recipe for disaster.

Why PCs are a liability
Windows computers are FULL of viruses, spyware and malware that read your file data, capture your keystrokes, and take screenshots and send them to hackers. As opposed to the fact that there has never been one single virus on an iPad. It is our opinion at Mobile Midwife EHR that computers that are exposed to the World Wide Web are unfit for EMR/EHR applications. Nearly every professional EMR/EHR (not the free ones) on the market today are installed in the Hospital or Doctor's offices with no way to connect them to the Internet. Many businesses today such as banks, insurance companies and even retail companies such as Home Depot or Fed Ex Kinkos no longer even run internet access to the building.

Why Android tablets are unacceptable
Android tablets are insecure for much of the same reasons that PCs are insecure. Read why Android malware is on the rise. Their file system is open for any App to read. Any App can do almost anything such as take screenshots, capture keystrokes, read another Apps data or monitor your web traffic. Apple's iPhone and iPad on the other hand are locked down and each App operates in its own sandbox. Also, no App can be installed or even copied to the file system without going through the rigorous Apple App Store review process. Finally, the stability of the iPads operating system is far superior to that of the Android and stability is a number one priority for any EHR/EMR software company.

Is Mobile Midwife EHR secure and HIPAA compliant?
Security is one of the primary reasons we created Mobile Midwife EHR. The primary reason for building Mobile Midwife EHR was to offer electronic charting software to Midwives that did not NEED an internet connection at all times to work. However, the second reason is because we knew that web-based EHRs are not very secure with regards to guarding social security numbers and private health information. No other websites such as banking, credit cards or loan services show more than 4 digits of your account number and they certainly will not show your SSN or birth date on a webpage. However, web-based EHR/EMRs are doing this and it is not safe. Thousands of Bank, Credit Card and PayPal logins are hacked into every day. Web-based EHRs need to do more than requiring a username and password to access hundreds of patient records. One of the clients we serve is one of the big four banking institutions in the world. We implemented a two-factor authentication mechanism to safeguard private information. The first layer was the normal user name and password login. The second layer is that the user is required to install a special certificate on their computer that the bank issues specially just for them. However Mobile Midwife EHR is not web-based and cannot be hacked into unless someone has your Mobile Midwife credentials AND your iPad AND your auto-lock password for your iPad.

HIPAA is a bare-bones security standard
If any software you use is only HIPAA compliant, it's nothing to feel really safe about. It primarily just requires that all private information be encrypted when transferred or stored and that logins are secured by username and password.

Mobile Midwife EHR exceeds HIPAA standards
Mobile Midwife EHR encrypts all of your sensitive data. When data is transferred between your iPad/iPhone/Mac and the Mobile Midwife Cloud, 128-bit encryption SSL technology is used to encrypt your data. The primary way in which we exceed HIPAA requirements is simply by the technology we use. We do not offer any sort of web-based access (other than a client-access site) that are vulnerable to hackers and our software does not run on insecure devices such as laptops or desktop computers which are full of malware, spyware and viruses that capture your keystrokes, data files, cookies and take screenshots and send them to hackers. Read more about why PCs are a liability to your practice.

What is your record retention policy for storing records long term?
Mobile Midwife EHR is unique from all other EHRs in that we provide unlimited view access to all your records even after you discontinue your account. We will not delete records from our system for 25 years from the date of the record creation. So, if you discontinue service you can still log in anytime using the Mobile Midwife EHR app to view any of your records. We also provide a very robust export feature so you can safely export an entire client chart with all documents, images and data to a password protected PDF.

With Mobile Midwife EHR you own your records
It is our official policy that you own the data. That means you can request at any time for us to delete all the data for your account from our system and we will. Also, as per our policy and HIPAA requirements we will not look at any of your data for any reason except to provide you with technical support when you request it.

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